Here Are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places for Travel Photography in Norway (VIDEO)

Morten Rustad is a travel photographer and he knows a thing or two about the beautiful country of Norway.  In the video below, Rustand takes you on a photographic tour of this Scandinavian gem, offering the top ten places you must visit as a photographer.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around in Norway almost contently for the past few years as a time-lapse photographer,” Rustad explains. “That has given me extensive knowledge of what Norway has to offer, also outside the most touristic places. This list includes some true hidden gems you might not have heard of before.  Norway is a fantastic country, and this list could’ve been much, much longer. But these are my favorites, and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Here’s Rustad’s list of the best places to go in Norway as a travel photographer. Check it out and then watch the video below: 
1. Senja
2. Varangerhalvøya
3. Femundsmarka
4. Loenvatnet
5. Valdres
6. Hardanger
7. Helgeland
8. Lofoten
9. Nærøyfjorden
10. Jettegrytene i Nissedal

You can see more of Rustad’s travel photos on his Instagram page.

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Yes, Norway is certainly a photogenic country!