Travel & Nature Photography Tips from a Nat Geo Pro

There’s no better source for photography advice than an experienced National Geographic photographer, and in the eye-opening video below Jim Richardson shares his five favorite tips for travel and destination photography.

Based in Lindsborg, Kansas, Richardson has an impressive resume. He not only shoots for National Geographic, but he’s a contributing editor for its sister publication Traveler magazine. His work has taken him to all corners of the globe, and he’s a popular international speaker.

In the seven-minute tutorial below, Richardson has collaborated with B&H Photo Video to help you become a better travel and nature photographer. His helpful tips include a variety of topics ranging from landscape photography to portraits and more.

As you might suspect, Richardson illustrates his advice with absolutely spectacular images. He begins with the admonition that, “It’s about the location—it’s not about you.” By that he means that the power of travel photography is about the place, not how you feel about the place.

In other words, “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” One way to do that is by thoroughly researching your destination and the local people before you leaving on a trip.

Richardson also discusses the range of skills necessary for making captivating images. He explains the importance of “telling the whole story” while documenting a location. That means capturing what the characters look like, introducing viewers to the location and culture, and “capturing the vibe.”

Perhaps our favorite bit of advice is to shoot a wide range of images, and that means a range of color, emotion, and scale. One reason Richardson’s imagery is so fresh and unique, is that he always strives “to capture photos with a really different color palette.”

There’s much more to see and learn in this captivating video, so be sure and take a look. You can explore more of Richardson’s great work on his website, and find more helpful tips on the B&H Photo Video YouTube channel

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Seems like common sense but a great reminder of the things that help turn us into better photographers.