GoPro Launches New HERO4 Line of POV Cameras

GoPro recently launched an update to its popular line of rugged POV (point-of-view) cameras. Called HERO4, the pint-sized photo/video cameras are available in two flavors: HERO4 Black for $499, and HERO4 Silver at for $399.

According to GoPro, HERO4 Black ($499) offers the better performance of the two, capturing cinema-quality 4K video at 30 frames per second (fps), 2.7K video at 50 fps and 1080p video at 120 fps, nearly eliminating rolling shutter in most situations while allowing for slow motion effects. HERO4 Black also features a redesigned audio system that captures high fidelity sound with more dynamic range than the previous models.

Additional enhancements include improved image quality, low light performance, highlight moment tagging and an improved user interface that allows for easier discoverability and access to key features and controls. Users may also extract 8.3 megapixel video stills to use as photos and the HERO4 Black has 50 percent faster Wi-Fi combined with Bluetooth to deliver enhanced GoPro App performance and improved power management.

HERO4 Silver ($399) offers users the same image quality as the HERO4 Black but fewer of the higher performance video capture modes—including 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120. This model includes a built-in touch display for easy camera control, shot framing and playback, and 50 percent faster Wi-Fi combined with Bluetooth to deliver enhanced GoPro App performance and improved power management.

For those who prefer to manually control their GoPro to maximize versatility and performance, the company expanded the Protune mode to include Color, Sharpness, ISO Limit, and Exposure controls for both photo and video capture. Night Photo and Night Lapse allow you to capture stunning images of ultra low-light scenes with customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds.

HiLight Tag enables you to mark key moments with the push of an on-camera button while recording, making it easy to find, playback and share your favorite clips in GoPro Studio or with the GoPro App. You can also HiLight Tag using the mobile GoPro App or the new Smart Remote accessory. QuikCapture makes it easy to power on and record with the press of a button. When enabled, a single press starts the video capture—press and hold to engage Time Lapse photo capture.

The re-designed internal audio system combines with a state of the art microphone to capture clean, high fidelity sound. The new mounts and accessories help you capture and share images. Smart Remote lets you control your GoPro from up to 600' with the wearable, waterproof remote, mark key moments with the smart remote's HiLight Tag button when paired with a HERO4 Black or HERO4 Silver. The Handler is a compact, lightweight floating handgrip. New BacPac accessories include an improved Battery BacPac for almost twice the battery power over the camera's internal battery alone, and a new LCD BacPac for improved touch and swipe performance when used with HERO4 Black. 

GoPro Studio makes it easy to import footage from your camera to your computer to create pro quality videos and features GoPro Edit Templates—template versions of some of their most popular videos. Simply replace the original GoPro video clips with your own favorite clips and that editing style becomes your own. GoPro Studio now supports the HERO4's HiLight Tag feature, making it easy for GoPro Studio to identify your videos' best moments for faster and more convenient editing. Also new to GoPro Studio is Flux, an ultra slow motion and speed ramping tool that enables the dramatic time-shifting effects.

The GoPro App for mobile gives you instant access to the GoPro Channel on YouTube, it also gives you full control of HERO4 Black and Silver and allows for quick and easy changes to any mode or setting. The expanded GoPro App support for HERO4 also includes support for HiLight Tagging while recording, as well as searching for tags during playback. The GoPro App also allows for shot preview, playback and sharing of your favorite photos and videos via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Check out a promo video of the Hero4 in action with GoPro's typically mind-blowing imagery below. More info on GoPro here.