You Won't Believe this Photographer's Five-Year Collection of GoPro Camera Gear (VIDEO)

Gear collectors can be very serious about their passion and as their enthusiasm grows so does their collection. Photographer Mitch Bergsma loves to work with GoPro cameras and over the past 5 years he has assembled an extensive assortment of accessories and gadgets ranging from various models of GoPro cameras to drones (and drone parts), filters, mounts and beyond.

To celebrate this 5-year milestone, Bergsma posed with most of his impressive collection (it seems that a few things simply did not fit into the shot) for a unique video portrait captured with a GoPro camera mounted on a drone, of course.

The three-minute video (embedded below) includes Mitch’s very first experience with a GoPro five years ago when his passion began.

(Via DIY Photography)