Panasonic Intros HX-A1 Wearable, Lightweight POV Action Cam

Panasonic has introduced the HX-A1, a wearable, ultra-compact, POV action camcorder that weighs just 1.6 ounces. The small, portable design allows for longer periods of recording scenes in Full HD while the HX-A1’s rugged structure keeps water and dust out and protects against impact and cold temperatures.

Another feature of the Panasonic HX-A1 is its ability to shoot in total darkness. Using an infrared (IR) light source (commercially-available) and an IR filter for Night mode (included in the packaging), you can capture video in caves with no light or nocturnal wildlife at night.

Panasonic HX-A1Features:

• Ultra-compact, lightweight body designed for use in harsh environments.

• Uniquely shaped, cylindrical design can be attached in numerous positions to suit a variety of shooting opportunities.

• Waterproof (down to 5 ft without a housing case), shockproof (up to 5 ft), dust and freeze-proof (to 14°F).

• Night mode enables users to capture in total darkness.

• Built-in Wi-Fi enables users to capture video after verifying the angles on a smartphone or tablet using the Panasonic Image App. Images can also be uploaded and shared to Social Media sites.

While recording, footage on the A1 you can send video to a sub-window on the Panasonic camcorder via Wi-Fi.  It is combined with the main picture shot by the camcorder, allowing you to merge two simultaneously recorded videos into one. With this feature, you can combine multiple subjects in one video or combine the same subject viewed from different angles, giving you more possibilities for shooting in various situations.

You can also use the A1 as a computer webcam when connected via USB. Using a Head Mount, you can share everything you do with your friends.

Loop Recording: When recording for longer than an hour, this mode retains the most recent hour of scenes by erasing earlier scenes. The camera keeps recording seamlessly, by managing video in two-minute segments. No need to worry about running out of space on memory cards.

Slow Motion Video: The A1 captures every detail, even in fast-moving scenes. At 1280×720 pixels, the camera records at 60 fps (double the normal frame rate), and at 848×480 pixels, it records at 120 fps (quadruple-speed).


Multi Mount (VW-MKA1):Attaches to goggles, shoulder bags or helmets.

Tripod Mount (VW-CTA1): Secures the camera to a tripod.

Twin Mount (VW-TMA1): Attaches to the A1 and your light source for shooting in the dark.  Two A1s can be attached facing in opposite directions to capture the action all around you.

Extended Battery (VW-BTA1): Enables approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes of continuous recording (with the A1, at 1920x1080 pixel/30p). 

Strap Adaptor (VW-SAA1): Attaches the camera to a strap or carabineer. 

Head Mount (VW-HMA1): The camera can be mounted on either side of your head ideal for the casual adventure.

Clip Mount (VW-CLA100): Clips to a cap visor or similar surface.

Suction Cup Mount (VW-SCA100): Attaches to flat surfaces such as a boat deck or surf board.

Handlebar Mount (RP-CMC10): Ideal for mounting A1 to bicycle handlebar.

Wind Jammer (VW-WJA100): Reduces wind noise on the microphone.

The Panasonic HX-A1 will available in black or red for $199.99.

More info on the A1 here.