Every Photographer Should Watch This Brief History of Light (2-Minute VIDEO)

They say that all photography is about light, which makes the below video must-viewing for photographers. Produced by The Atlantic and titled “A Visual History of Light,” the two-minute animated video begins with the wood fire and ends with hydrogen fusion.

“400,000 years ago, humans and Neanderthals discovered fire. This ignited a relationship between people and photons that changed the course of mankind—and continues to evolve to this day,” the video’s description says. “Take a tour through the visual history of light.”

The first purely photographic light, the flash, appears at about the 1-minute mark but, like we said, all these light-producing discoveries have relevance to photographers.

For a more detailed timeline of light inventions throughout humanity, go here. And here are two other animated shorts about photography you should also check out:

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Via Laughing Squid