Confused by How the “Exposure Triangle” Works? It Just Takes Some Kool-Aid to Understand (VIDEO)

If you were befuddled by a description of the “Exposure Triangle” in your first photography class, you’re not alone. This relatively simple concept can be a bit difficult to explain; unless, that is, the instructor has some red Kool-Aid and a few glasses handy.

Jonathon Walters is great at demonstrating basic photography skills and making simple concepts actually sound simple. In the video below he employs some innovative props to explain how the Exposure Triangle really works and how you can use it to improve your images.

Walters reviews how aperture, ISO, shutter speed and light interact to create a perfect exposure. He also explains why one of these variables may be more important than others depending upon the nature of your subject. See: It’s all pretty simple!

You can find more videos on Walters’ YouTube channel, and be sure to read our earlier article describing exposure dilemmas and solutions.

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