Close-Up Lighting, Soft And Easy; Adapting Light To Macro Photography Page 2

The R1 configuration is intended for use with Nikon SLRs having a built-in Speedlight, which serves as the wireless commander function to fire the two slave flash units. The larger R1C1 configuration includes a commander module that fits onto the hot shoe of Nikon cameras not having a built-in flash. Both systems utilize Nikon's i-TTL technology to make all exposure calculations wirelessly during each exposure. The MSRPs on these two close-up light systems are $680 and $430.

The Nikon R1C1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System.

The Sunblitz Macro Ring Flash A 6000 works with lenses having filter rings up to 62mm in diameter and has a GN of 40 with ISO 100 film. The MSRP is $100.

The Sunblitz Macro Ring Flash A 6000.

The Sunblitz Macro Ring Light RL1200 uses 12 LED lights around the lens for producing constant pure white lighting. This lightweight unit has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that provides 45 minutes of constant shooting time. It, too, works with lenses having filter rings up to 62mm. Price is not currently available.

The Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash.

The Sigma EM-140 DG Macro Flash is completely dedicated for use with all major digital and film SLR camera TTL autoexposure systems. Like most flash units intended primarily for close-up applications, this model consists of a controller that attaches to the camera's hot shoe plus a circular flash that connects to the lens. Dual flash tubes can be fired simultaneously or separately to create modeling with a three-dimensional effect. A modeling flash function assists in checking for reflections and composing. It can also be operated in wireless TTL and High-Speed Synchro flash modes. The GN is 46 with an ISO of 100. The MSRP is $449.

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