Chris Nicholson's Helpful Tips on How to Shoot Amazing Images at National Parks (Video)

Here's another great video with tips on how to capture better outdoor photos. Brought to you once again by B&H Photo, the below video features photographer Chris Nicholson who provides a wide variety of pro level tips and tricks to help you get the most from your next visit to one of America’s beautiful National Parks. Captured during a photography workshop, this video has a runtime of nearly one hour and includes sample images, advice on the best places to explore and what to bring with you.

Nicholson started out as a writer but eventually his life’s path lead him to a successful career in outdoor photography. During the workshop he provides a brief history of the National Park system and information on a few hot spots that may (one day soon) become parks. Nicholson highlights various sights (mountains, volcanoes and more) and the types of wildlife that can be found in each park while stressing the vial importance of good preparation, research and spending enough time at the location to get quality images. He also expresses the importance of being willing to move on to another location during those time when the weather is simply too rough to allow you to explore safely.

Nicholson also highlights his new book Photographing National Parks, from Sidelight Books and on sale in August. For more information on his book visit his website. (Last week we shared another great outdoor photography video produced by B&H with Moose Peterson offering tips on how to capture great landscape photos.)