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Dan Havlik  |  Nov 25, 2020  |  0 comments

What if there was one software tool that could take your photos from "bleh" to "heck yeah!" in just a few minutes of editing? Well, according to Lightroom expert Alex Armitage there is, and it's called the "tone curve" feature.

Henry Anderson  |  Oct 18, 2022  |  0 comments

Masks may be one of the most misunderstood tools in all of Lightroom. Last week we shared a tutorial on how to use masks in Lightroom and how not to use them. Because if you don't use this tool properly, it really can ruin your photos.

Ron Leach  |  Sep 13, 2023  |  0 comments

One of the biggest mistakes photographers make when processing photos is limiting their edits to global adjustments. In other words, all of their enhancements apply to the image as a whole—regardless of brightness and color differences through the scene.

Henry Anderson  |  Apr 01, 2020  |  1 comments

There are some tools in Lightroom that photographers use all the time and some we avoid. But just because we avoid these tools, doesn't mean they aren't extremely useful.

Shutterbug Staff  |  Aug 07, 2019  |  0 comments

If you want to improve your composition skills when shooting landscape photos, there is one Lightroom tool that can help out massively, according to photographer Mark Denney. And if you're not using it already, you're really missing out.

Shutterbug Staff  |  Dec 05, 2018  |  0 comments

One nagging issue with digital cameras is that they tend to give teeth in portraits an unappealing, yellow cast. Combine this with the fact that a lot of people consume coffee, sodas, and other substances that can stain teeth, and you likely have a lot of yellowy choppers popping up in your portraits.

Shutterbug Staff  |  Feb 13, 2020  |  0 comments

If you want to draw people into your landscape photos, there's an easy way to do that. Make your images look like something you'd see in the movies.

Henry Anderson  |  Jan 22, 2020  |  0 comments

As the great Ansel Adams once said: "You don't take a photograph, you make it." But what makes a dramatic landscape photo? There are, of course, lots of things but photographer Mark Denney zeros in on one specific effect that can make or break a shot.

Henry Anderson  |  Sep 04, 2019  |  0 comments

What if you had only one tool to help you with your landscape photography? What would it be? Photographer Mark Denney knows what his would be: the Range Masks tool in Lightroom.

Ron Leach  |  May 16, 2023  |  0 comments

One of the biggest challenges faced by landscape photographers is arriving at a proper exposure when shooting scenes with a wide-range of tones that exceed the dynamic range of their cameras. In such cases conventional camera-settings or editing methods may not be up to the task.

Ron Leach  |  Apr 05, 2023  |  0 comments

What if we told you there’s a key on your keyboard that can do a bit of magic in Lightroom? That may sound like a silly claim, but according to a respected pro it’s absolutely true. The tutorial below demonstrates exactly how it works for a variety of important editing tasks.

Ron Leach  |  Sep 08, 2023  |  0 comments

This tutorial begins with a surprising self-effacing admission for someone who has been teaching and using Lightroom for years: "I'm so stupid I thought this was a Lightroom bug; but it's actually an obscure tool." We encourage you to watch the four-minute explanation, just in case you've made the same mistake.

Ron Leach  |  Mar 29, 2023  |  0 comments

We all hear about so-call “hidden” editing tools that deliver great results. But while many of these methods are effective, some are quite familiar to photographers of all skill levels.

Ron Leach  |  Jan 18, 2018  |  0 comments

Portrait retouching can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when it comes to repairing and reconstructing a subject’s skin. But the video below demonstrates a powerful Photoshop technique that’s both easy to accomplish and remarkably effective.

Dan Havlik  |  Oct 28, 2020  |  0 comments

Like many photographers recently, landscape pro Mark Denney has been playing around with the new settings in Adobe's recent Lightroom 10 update and what he's discovered has left his mind slightly blown. According to Denney, there's a new tool in Lightroom 10 that "will forever change how you develop color in your landscape photos."