You’ve Got to See These 6 Mouth-Watering Food Photography Tricks in Just 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

After you watch this food photography tips video, you will come away either inspired or hungry (or both). Created by food and travel photographer Skyler Burt (aka We Eat Together), the video includes six clever tricks and hacks to help create mouth-watering food photos.

Here’s a rundown of the six photography tricks that Burt demonstrates in the video, with the help of some yummy looking food samples:

#1 The Wedge

#2 Multiplying Your Props

#3 The Bowl (this one is a highlight!)

#4 Two Gobos = One Beam

#5 Masa False Bottom

#6 The Perfect Pour

The video’s fun, cinematic style is reminiscent of Peter McKinnon’s highly influential “8 Camera Hacks in 90 Seconds” video from 2016, which is one of the most popular photography videos of the last several years on YouTube. So if you liked that one, you’ll probably like this one too.

You can see more of Burt’s delectable food photography tips videos on his YouTube channel. You should also check out this video with 5 camera hacks using stuff you already have at home, and this video with 5 crazy camera hacks that actually work.