4 Food Photography Tricks that Will Make Your Mouth Water (& Your Friends Jealous)

Food photography is an awesome artform you can do at home, which is a great thing now that so many people are spending a lot of time indoors. It's also a fun way to make your friends jealous when you share all your mouth-watering food photos on Facebook and Instagram.

But speaking of your friends: don't most of their food photos look a little boring, not to mention unappetizing? In the below video, the folks from COOPH show you four ways to take stunning food photos by adding some action to the scene.

"Want to present your food in a little more exciting way than usual?" COOPH asks. "No problem, in our latest video world-famous food photographer Helge Kirchberger and 2 Michelin-Star chef Jörg Bruch show you 4 stunning and creative ideas to do just that! Explosions, fire and ice – it’s all part of this (action) video!"

Here are the four food photography tips that are explained in the video:

#1 Defying Gravity

#2 Fire and Ice

#3 Explosion

#4 Liquids

Watch it out below and if you want to learn more mind-blowing food photography tips, check out this video that shows you all the tricks advertisers use to make food look delicious.