5 DELICIOUS Food Photography Tips (VIDEO)

Want to shoot mouthwatering photos of food to make your friends and followers on social media drool? Check out the below video featuring five food photography experts from Skillshare who gives you five food photography tips that will get you capturing drool-worthy snaps in no time.

"Pull up a seat to explore food styling, food photography lighting hacks, and DIY photo backdrops — all possible from the comfort of our homes! Level up your food photography," Skillshare says.

Tip #1: Shoot with Natural Light

"One of the tips I have for you is to turn off the light when you're shooting food and just use the light from the sun," food photographer Sean Dalton says. "You're not going to have any weird colors that are being cast on you from the lights in the room. I like to shoot in rooms that are kind of dark with a big window."

Tip #2: Make a DIY Backdrop

"You can see I have a variety of different neutral-colored tiles here and I photographed them in different ways to give a subtle texture in the background," says food photographer Tabitha Park. "And these usually range anywhere from two to eight dollars."

Tip #3: Have Extra Food Materials

"Make sure to have extra food material," food photographer Leela Cyd says. "So, I'm making chocolate chips cookies today for my shoot, so I'm going to have extra chocolate chip cookie dough in case I want to do a process shot."

Tip #4: Tell a Story with Styling

"I've chosen this old barn door to be the background because we're in the garden and I just want it to be rustic all the way through," says food photographer Marte Marie Forsberg. "I'm looking for the story."

Tip #5: Try a Food Collage

"We're working on a white background," food photographer Julie Lee explains. "Let's begin with our bigger elements and for this piece, it will be our bitter melon. And then just have fun with it because it's food and you're playing with food."