Hilarious Faux Documentary Explores the Fine Art of Chinese Food Photography

Ever wonder who shoots those cheesy photos of Chinese food at take-out restaurants? No, me neither. But if you are curious, you’ll get no serious answers from the hilarious, faux documentary embedded below, which is titled “Above the Counter: The Chinese Food Photography Documentary.”

Created by the joksters at Faster Human, “Above the Counter” explores the rivalry between several “famous” Chinese food photographers including a traditionalist named Richard Valent, a conceptionalist named Gööber, and the so-called “inventor” of Chinese food photography, Sven Wenken.

Oh, and there are a couple of DIY Chinese food street photographer hipsters as well. It’s all tongue-in-cheek and quite funny. (It also makes us more than a little hungry for Chinese food but lunchtime is approaching fast.)

Check it out below (unless, of course, you prefer to watch it on Netflix.)