5 Crazy Camera Hacks That Actually Work! (VIDEO)

Before you do something you will seriously regret without watching the video below, we need to point out that there’s a filter on the lens that’s being doused with honey in the photo above. As for that shiny, metal claw hammer you see in the third photo below, it’s being used to create interesting reflections—not to destroy a lens.

With that out of the way, here’s what this is all about: Photographer Evan Ranft is usually rather serious about the tutorials he creates. But in response to the many fun camera-hack videos that are so popular these days, he’s created five tongue-in-cheek DIY tricks of his own. And despite the humor, these simple hacks will actually add a bit of creativity to your images.

In this two-minute video, you’ll learn the purpose of honey-glazing a lens for the holidays, how to create an interesting mirrored effect by hanging an object above a pan of water, and a few other photo hacks you can accomplish at home without spending a dime. 

Be sure to visit Ranft’s YouTube channel for shooting tips that are a bit more serious, and check out our recent story with five photo hacks for eye-catching portraits