Which Lens Should YOU Buy? Watch This Video from Peter McKinnon Before You Decide

Last week we wrote about What The Lens, a new website designed to help Canon shooters choose the lens that’s best for their style of photography. If that brand-specific tool left you in the dark fear not, because the video below provides some great advice on lens choice regardless of the camera you own.

Photographer Peter McKinnon begins the video by asking you to answer three key questions: First, do you shoot still photos, video or both? Second, what subject matter do you typically shoot? And third, what is your price range? With this as a start, he narrows your options by discussing focal length, aperture range, and other considerations.

McKinnon then photographs the same subject with different focal lengths to illustrate how the distortion, compression, and other factors inherent to certain types of lenses will affect your results.

You can find other interesting videos on McKinnon’s YouTube channel, and if you’re a Canon shooter be sure to check out our story on the new What The Lens website.