Watch Lightning Narrowly Miss a Photographer While He’s Shooting a Storm (VIDEO)

Norwegian photographer Daniel Modol was shooting video of a distant storm from the terrace of his home in Gjerstad as lightning bounced off the horizon. Suddenly with a BOOM, a lightning bolt struck just a few feet away. And when we say, “boom” we mean it; this is a loud video so turn down the volume before watching the clip below.

In the 90-second video from Norway’s TV 2 you can watch the distant storm and see the chaos that follows when a lightning bolt narrowly misses Modol. Everything goes pink for a moment before debris is seen flying through the air—leaving a smoldering spot on the ground.

Ignoring the adage that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, Modol headed for cover instead of sticking around to capture more video. Wise man. After watching this video check out our earlier story with epic images of lightning striking lava coming out of a volcano.