Watch Helmet Camera Footage of a Bear Chasing Mountain Bikers on a Woodland Trail

Here’s the second POV video we’ve seen today where something crazy happens to a cyclist. (Is it a full moon or something?) The below video features some gnarly helmet cam footage of a pair of mountain bikers careering down a dirt trail through the woods.

Just as they make a turn on the trail, a big brown bear comes galloping out of the forest and into the path of the bikers. Luckily for the two cyclists, the bear suddenly does an about face and runs back into the woods. It's unclear what causes the bear to turn around but it probably was scared off by the noise from the riders.

The footage was shot  by Dusan Vinžík at the Malinô Brdo trail in Slovakia. Not for nothing, but we’re not sure it was a wise move for Vinžík to stop where he did in the clip right after seeing the bear. We probably would’ve hauled ass down the trail until we were sure we were in the clear. (But that's just us.)

Either way, the footage reminded us a little of this video we posted this morning of a cyclist getting taken out by a falling drone during a bike race. You never know what’s going to happen to you when you go out for a ride!

Via Mashable