Watch the Canon EOS R vs Nikon Z7 vs Sony A7R III in this Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Shootout (VIDEO)

They are three of the most talked about full frame mirrorless cameras on the market right now: the 30.3MP Canon EOS R, the 45.6MP Nikon Z7 and the 42.4MP Sony A7R III. Which one is the best of this power trio?

Well, we’re still working on our review of the Nikon Z7 (though you can read our Canon R review here and our Sony A7R III review here), so we can’t tell you definitively what we think yet, but in the below video from the Slanted Lens we turn to our friend Jay P. Morgan who compares the pros and cons of each one. Morgan is joined by Kenneth Merrill and model Ellen Ho for this mirrorless camera shootout.

We won’t play spoiler and let you know which camera the Slanted Lens liked best but, it’s safe to say, there were some surprises in their testing. Watch the video below and then go check out the accompanying article with test sample images here.

You should visit the Slanted Lens’ excellent YouTube channel where you’ll see more camera comparisons, including this one pitting  the Nikon D5 vs Sony A9 vs Canon 1D X Mark II in a pro DSLR shootout.

You should also check out this video Morgan shot for Shutterbug on 5 Reasons You Should Use a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photos.