Watch a Camera Technician Replace the Shutter in a Canon EOS 6D DSLR (VIDEO)

Earlier this month we posted a fascinating video demonstrating all the technology that enables the shutter of a modern DSLR to open and close with remarkable speed and precision. In the equally interesting time-lapse below, you’ll see what happens when things go wrong and a technician has to replace the shutter of a Canon EOS 6D.

This four-minute video (without sound) was posted by Photographic Repairs, an experienced facility in Cape Town, South Africa. The shutter in the EOS 6D they’re working on survived over 200,000 actuations before it needed replacement—not too bad for a camera rated at 100,000 actuations.

As you see in this cool time-lapse, a modern DSLR shutter is a complicated mix of both electronic and mechanical components, and like mechanical parts in every camera, sooner or later they wear out.

After watching this time-lapse, be sure to look at our earlier video demonstrating how a fully functioning DSLR shutter actually works.

Via Fstoppers