Watch How a DSLR Shutter Does Its Thing (Video)

Have you ever wondered about the technology that enables a DSLR’s shutter to open and close with the necessary speed and precision to create properly exposed photographs? And what about the difference between first- and second-curtain sync?

If you’re among the curious, take a look at the following quick video by German photographer Chris Marquardt. Using a shutter mechanism from a Nikon D500 DSLR, Marquardt makes everything clear almost as fast as you can say the following:

“The first and second curtain are both cocked against spring tension and held back by electro magnets. When it's time to fire the shutter, the electronics release the first curtain, then after the exposure time is up, the second curtain.“

While a camera shutter isn’t exactly the eighth wonder of the world, it is an essential component in every DSLR. After watching this demonstration, check out another of Marquardt’s videos we posted in the past, with a fascinating tour inside Kodak’s technology vault.

Via ISO 1200