Watch a Camera Drone Rescue a Crashed Drone to the Score from Sci-Fi Movie Interstellar (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever flown a drone, you know these flying eggbeaters are prone to crashing…sometimes in very hard-to-reach locations.

But when freelance cameraman Harrisen Howes crashed his drone, he didn’t fret. He simply bought a bigger, more powerful drone and rescued his crippled whirlygig from the roof of a neighbor’s house. And since Howes’ new drone had a camera in it, you can watch the whole rescue mission in the two-minute clip below.

“Two Months ago my roommate drunkenly lost my small drone on a neighbors roof,” Howe writes on the YouTube video. “Two months later after upgrading to a larger drone I attempted a rescue of the smaller drone using hooks I made from coat hangers.”

The drone Howes used to rescue the crashed Syma X5C UAV was a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

The music in the video is "No Time for Caution" by Hans Zimmer from the recent sci-fi movie Interstellar.

(Via PetaPixel)