This Astonishing Video of the Milky Way Was Shot at ISO 400,000 with Canon's ME20F-SH Camera!

If you only have time to watch one video today, this should be it! This gorgeous short film from Uncaged Productions, shot with the Canon ME20F-SH video camera and a Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens, follows 20 high school kids at an astronomy camp along with over 600 astronomers during the August Perseids Meteor Shower.

And if you think that the “ISO 400,000” in the headline above is a typo, think again: The Canon MH20F-SH is designed to capture high-definition, full-color video under extremely low light conditions with an ISO sensitivity in excess of ISO 4,000,000!

Watch the results below, and prepare to be amazed.And then take a look at this dramatic time lapse we posted earlier of a meteor shower captured at California’s Red Rock Canyon