These Amazing Images of Rare Tigers in Bhutan Were Captured by a World Wildlife Fund Camera (VIDEO)

Photojournalist and filmmaker Emmanuel Rondeau traveled the world for three months in an attempt to photograph endangered big cats. In the remarkable video below you see the results of his work as he captured spectacular imagery of the extremely Tigers of Bhutan.

There are less than 4,000 of these majestic and elusive beasts left in the wild worldwide and barely 100 in Bhutan, making Rondeau’s beautiful work even more amazing. Unfortunately the population of wild tigers continues to dwindle as hunting and habitat loss threatens their survival.

The imagery you see in this video from National Geographic was captured with World Wildlife Fund remote cameras that some mistakenly believe minimize the contribution of scientists and photographers to the creative process. In fact, although infrared sensors enable these cameras to fire on their own, photographers and scientific teams play a crucial role in determining where to place the cameras and monitoring their operation.

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