Photographer Uses Toys and Tricks to Create Fantastical, Star Wars-Inspired Images (VIDEO)

Felix Hernandez (AKA Hernandez Dreamphotography) is a photographer who loves playing with toys, particularly Star Wars action figures. The fun video below illustrates his technique for creating this “Sandtroopers” image—part of the fantastical Troopers Series he considers a passion.

For his Troopers Series, which also includes Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers, Hernandez combines customized 12-inch scale models, creative photo manipulation, and a variety of materials like sand, flour and fog to create the mood. Producing an image typically takes a full day for posing the models, creating the scenes, setting up his lights, shooting and post production.

“Working with scaled figures or toys is not only fun,” he says, “it’s a great way of learning and understanding light, composition and post-production.”

Watch the video below and you’ll see what he means. You can see more from Hernandez Dreamphotography on Instagram. And if you like Hernandez's Star Wars-inspired images, check out the work of Matthew Callahan, who creates amazing composite images combining combat photos and Storm Trooper figurines.

(Via ISO 1200)