U.S. Marine Creates Awesome Composites with Combat Photos & Star Wars Action Figures (VIDEO)

Sgt. Matthew Callahan is a visual storyteller whose striking images convey the unique perspective of a photographer who is also a war correspondent and former infantryman. His Galactic Warfighters fine art project combines real-world combat photography with Star Wars action figures to create images that are both painfully familiar and surreal.

As described in a post on ISO 1200, Callahan enlisted in the Marines six years ago as an infantryman. During his first deployment to Afghanistan he suffered a broken leg and was sent home.

While recovering at a Wounded Warrior detachment in Hawaii, Callahan studied photography before becoming a Marine combat correspondent. He’s currently attending photojournalism courses at Syracuse University as part of a Defense Department program.

“I feel being a former infantryman gives me a better perspective in telling the stories of Marines,” he explains. “Civilians have a genuine interest in knowing about the ins-and-outs of Marine life, and I have a genuine desire to tell them.”

When Callahan isn’t covering Marines in action he works on his Galactic Warfighters photo essay. You can see more of this compelling work on his website.

In the meantime, check out the inspiring video below, which shows how he creates these awesome Star Wars composites.