Photographer Shoots Street Photos with a Polaroid and Hands Out the Results to His Subjects (VIDEO)

Not everyone likes street photography. In fact, oftentimes the unexpecting subjects of street photos hate having their pictures taken in public by a complete stranger.

But what if the photographer handed over the street photos to the subject afterwards so they could do with them what they liked? That’s what Josh Katz does in the below video where he shoots Polaroids on the streets of NYC and then gives the New Yorkers their instant portraits.

Katz calls his instant street photography project "a social experiment to turn street photography on its head."

"Typically, people might never talk to their subjects who they photograph. The subjects never actually get to see the photo and it can be an invasive experience to the people who have their photos taken," Katz says. "So, we're going to do the exact opposite of all of those things. I've got my Polaroid camera here so we're going to take people's photos, hand them the print and have a conversation with them, if they're willing, to hear what they thought about the experience, and how they felt when a stranger took their photo. Hopefully it'll be long enough for us to actually get to see what the photo turns into once it develops, or maybe no one will ever get to see the photo except for them. Who knows?"

So, what do you think happens? Did they thank him for these instant portraits and have a nice chat? Did they throw the photos back in his face? Or, even worse, did they try to punch him in the face? (These are New Yorkers, after all.)

Nope, not even close. In fact, the results might surprise you.

Watch the video below to see what happens and then go visit Katz's channel for more photography videos.