Here’s a Great Way to Answer Questions About Your Work: Just Show Your Photos (VIDEO)

In this visual interview Welsh photographer Matt Henry gives credence to the adage that a picture is worth 1000 words by using his stunning imagery to answer 10 questions about his approach to photography.

Based in Brighton, England, Henry says his work is inspired by the American culture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. He explains that his photography “plays with fragments of American photography, cinema and literature” during a period in history he finds fascinating.

For the brief visual Q&A below, the folks at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) posed 10 questions to Henry, ranging from his view of the world and what he finds inspiring to how he describes his style and what he considers a great shot. The three-minute video is so charming you may want to watch it twice.  

You can find more videos from COOPH on their YouTube channel, and view Henry’s work on his website. Be sure to look at an earlier visual Q&A we posted in which Swiss photographer John Wilheim describes the inspiration behind his work without speaking a word