How to Stop Your Lenses from Fogging up (VIDEO)

Lens condensation is an inconvenient and potentially damaging problem for those of us living in hot, humid climates and photographers traveling to similar locations. The problem arises when you leave a cold, air conditioned room and step outside into the heat.

Condensation also arises in the reverse situation when you go indoors after shooting outside in the frigid cold. In either case, everything fogs up; not just the front element of your lens and your camera’s rear LCD and viewfinder eyepiece, but internal lens elements as well. And once this happens it can take 30 minutes for the fog to clear.

Worse yet, condensation inside a lens is a breeding ground for fungus. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to avoid all this, as you see in the quick video above from Matt Granger. You can find more photo tips and tricks on Granger’s YouTube channel.

Via ISO 1200