Here’s a Simple Hack That Will Turn a Boring Photo into an Awesome One (VIDEO)

This tip from boudoir photographer Michael Sasser is simple and effective. What do you do to make a boring photo into an awesome one? Put something in front of your subject, Sasser says.

“One of the biggest tips to adding depth (to an image) is to shoot through something,” he explains. “This could literally be anything. You could shoot through this lamp. You could shoot through this palm tree. You can shoot through these curtains. You can shoot through this wall. You could shoot through this tree.”

But why does shooting through something make a photo more interesting?

“Adding depth adds interest,” Sasser notes. “It gives a better sense of the environment, and it puts the viewer in the photograph. This is often called a voyeuristic perspective.”

Watch the short video below where Sasser demonstrates this "voyeuristic" technique while photographing a model in a boudoir setting. As you’ll see, shooting through things does add a layer of intrigue to the images.

“That’s literally so much better,” the model says while reviewing the images after her shoot with Sasser. “That’s awesome.”

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself. You can check out more of Sasser’s videos on his YouTube channel. Here are three we have featured recently:

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