Boudoir Secrets: Natural Light Photos with an Easy Sensuous Standing Pose (VIDEO)

This three-minute tutorial from Patrick's Boudoir Photography is designed for those new to the genre as well as for more experienced shooters interesting in trying a unique, simple, and alluring approach. All you need is a model, your camera, and a room with a window. In other words, no complicated lighting equipment, accessories, and the like.

Patrick is a Vienna-based pro specializing in available-light portraiture, of which boudoir is a subset requiring a few extra posing and compositional skills. That's because the goal is to accentuate a subject's best physical attributes to achieve a compelling result.

Apart from the easy approach to lighting, there are a couple other reasons why this lesson is different than most. One is that you'll learn how to create flattering photos with subjects of every body type. In other words, you don't need an experienced model who looks like she belongs on the runway. This means you can make gorgeous images of a significant other or an interested friend.

Another unique aspect is that Patrick doesn't rely upon the conventional style of photographing the subject while reclining on a couch or bed. Instead he demonstrates simple and sensual standing floor poses that that are far more comfortable for "models" who are new to the game—and easier for you to explain.

Patrick demonstrates how to perfectly emphasize a "subject's legs and bum" with proper positioning and careful composition. You'll see how slight adjustments in body posture can greatly enhance femininity in a way that will make you and your model proud.

Proper illumination is a key factor with all good portrait photos, and Patrick illustrates how to get the exposure right—with eye-catching highlights and intriguing shadows using light streaming through a large window without artificial illumination.

Patrick walks you through the camera settings that he recommends for this super simple style of boudoir photography. He also provides several valuable editing tips for quickly and effectively enhancing the images you capture.

A beautiful boudoir print makes a great gift for the important woman in your life, so it's time to get going and elevate your skills. Then head over to Patrick's instructional YouTube channel where you'll find many more boudoir photography tips and techniques for shooters and models of all skill levels.