How to Shoot Boudoir Photos with a Dramatic Low-Key Effect (VIDEO)

Last week we featured a beginners guide to boudoir photography from an acclaimed pro who demonstrated how to capture sensuous images without flash by using window light as the primary source of illumination. Today Yuliya Panchenko is back with another eye-opening tutorial that delivers extremely dramatic effects

Panchenko is a world-class boudoir photographer and popular instructor with over 150K enthusiastic subscribers (and dozens of how-to videos) on her instructional YouTube channel. In this episode she explains how to employ low-key lighting to create dramatic and mysterious images that really grab attention.

This unique style of sensuous portraiture relies upon enhanced shadows and contrast to add drama, mystery, and intensity to intimate boudoir photographs, while accentuating a subject's best features. Panchenko explains how this low-key technique "will also enhance the emotional depth and sensual quality of your boudoir photographs."

Panchenko provides guidance for setting up a simple home studio for low-key lighting and describes the equipment she recommends. There's also some great advice on directing and collaborating with your subject. She's working with beautiful Scarlet Begonias, which makes the task easier, and it's up to you to find a willing model.

While watching the episode you'll pick up some great tips on composition, along with several great poses for accentuating a subject's most flattering attributes whatever they may be. The technique you'll learn here is more involved than the earlier lesson in last week's beginners guide because supplemental light is required. Your efforts will be rewarded with evocative, moody, and powerful results that will make you and your model proud.

Now that you've begun to experiment with more involved techniques, we'll periodically feature more intriguing and artistic boudoir photography lessons that take advantage of Panchenko's expert insights and hands-on demonstrations, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, pay a visit to Panchenko's YouTube channel and explore the previous lessons she's already shared.

And don't forget to watch the beginners guide mentioned above. It includes a few tips and tricks that will prove helpful when experimenting with today's low-key technique.