3 Pro Posing Tips to Help You Shoot Better Boudoir Photos (VIDEO)

We often turn to Los Angeles-based pro photographer Michael Sasser’s YouTube channel for gear tips including lens recommendations, but in the below video he offers something equally valuable: tips on how to pose your subjects for better boudoir images.

“Posing is one of the most difficult things for boudoir photographers to learn,” Sasser says. “What I see a lot of photographers do when they first get started is they’ll get their model or their client into a space in the room, and they’ll check their lighting and everything else, and they’ll bring their camera up, and they’ll be like: ‘Ok, be sexy.’ And this is basically no direction at all. So instead of doing that move, we’re going to teach you three posing tips you can use at your very next photo shoot.”

Here are the three boudoir posing tips that Sasser discusses and demonstrates with his model Hannah:

#1 Pointing Toes

#2 Arching Your Back

#3 I Don’t Know What to Do with My Hands

Watch the video and then check out more of Sasser’s excellent boudoir and gear tutorials on his YouTube channel.

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