Here’s the Best Way to Sharpen Your Images: Use This Free Photoshop Action Download (VIDEO)

Sharpening your photographs can be a dicey proposition: We all want crisp images, but if you’re not careful when using Photoshop’s Unsharp Mask tool you can ruin an otherwise nice shot. In this helpful tutorial, you’ll learn a better, non-destructive technique.

The problem with the standard Photoshop approach is that it provides a sharpening effect by exaggerating the edges in your photo. Unfortunately, by doing this it’s easy to end up with unseemly black or white edging around certain objects in your scene. And the more the sharpening applied, the worse this becomes.

Photoshop wizard Jimmy McIntyre comes to the rescue with this helpful tutorial, demonstrating an effective technique he developed that will give you the natural results you’re after. You can either replicate the steps he describes, or download the free Photoshop action he created that will do everything for you.

After watching the video below you can find more Photoshop tips and tricks on McIntyre’s YouTube channel. And be sure to watch his tutorial we posted recently explaining his “non-destructive” approach for dodging and burning your images.