Here Are Three Simple Lightroom Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Photos (VIDEO)

Mango Street Labs is a great source of short, simple tutorials that can make a big difference in your images, even if you don’t have a lot of technical expertise. In the quick video below, you’ll learn three easy techniques for dramatically enhancing your photographs.

First on the list is how to correct muddy skin tones, and the video shows you how to use HSL adjustments to make these problems a thing of the past. Then you’ll learn how to quickly eliminate unsightly chromatic aberration using the defringe tool. The third tip quickly walks you through the process of resolving vignetting and perspective problems.

You can watch more helpful tutorials on the Mango Street Labs YouTube channel. And be sure to take a look at another of their videos we posted, explaining how to correct three common mistakes made by beginning photographers.

Via ISO 1200

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Chromatic Aberration : I just used to take Ps to solve this matter, but Thanks for the path in Lr too.