Here’s Why Shooting Raw Photos Is the Best Bet for Optimum Image Quality (VIDEO)

A common question among digital photographers is, “How much better is a Raw file than an image captured as a JPEG?” The video below attempts to answer this question “once and for all,” so take a look and see if you agree.

The basis for this debate involves not only optimum image quality, but how photographers prefer to spend their time; i.e. behind the camera or on the computer. And, of course, many of today’s advanced digital cameras provide an option to capture both a JPEG and a Raw file every time you snap the shutter.

The video from Photography Explained begins by discussing the concept of “bit depth,” which is basically a measure of how much color information an image file can store. As you’ll see, the superiority of a Raw file in this regard is significant.

Using a seriously underexposed photograph as an example, the video illustrates the flexibility a Raw file provides when attempting to rehabilitate the photograph. While we doubt this discussion will forever settle the never-ending Raw vs. JPEG debate, it provides a very good argument in favor of taking the time to shoot and process Raw files.

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