Watch This Humorous Take on the Never-Ending Raw vs. JPEG Workflow Debate (VIDEO)

The Raw vs. JPEG debate seems to be a never-ending one. Some photographers say that shooting JPEGs simplifies their workflow and lets them spend more time behind the camera and less time behind the computer. Raw shooters, on the other hand, insist their approach utilizes unprocessed “digital negatives” straight out of the camera—thereby giving them maximum control and uncompromising results.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, you’re sure to enjoy this tongue-in-cheek video by the photographer whose moniker is, “My name is Taylor Jackson, and I shoot JPEG.”

Jackson jokingly explains that, “I can turn around a session in 15 minutes; all I have to do is select, rename and upload.” If you take a look at the work on Jackson’s YouTube channel, you’ll realize that a lot more than that goes into his photography.