Forget About Using Your Camera’s Base ISO Setting: ISO 50 Is Your Best Bet When Shooting Raw (VIDEO)

One of the benefits of today’s advanced digital cameras is that they offer extremely high ISO settings that deliver remarkable results under low-light conditions. When shooting with good light, however, most photographers simply set their camera to its base sensitivity of ISO 100 or 200.

In the video below, photographer Tony Northrup reminds us of an often-overlooked fact; that most cameras offer an “extended” ISO setting like ISO 50 that’s below the base ISO. Northrup demonstrates why this low ISO setting is your best bet when shooting Raw, especially if you’re not one of those photographers who pays close attention to the camera’s histogram and you want the best results possible.

We think you’ll be surprised to learn what the difference between ISO 50 and ISO 100 can make in your results. So watch the tutorial and give this a try the next time you’re blessed with good light. You can find more helpful videos on the Tony & Chelsea YouTube channel, and be sure to look at another of their videos we shared recently demonstrating how you can use Lightroom to fix underexposed portraits.