Feeling Uninspired? This Inspirational Video Should Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Our host may be an adorable puppet but the message presented in the below video is a very good one. Photographer Sid Ceaser explains how to find inspiration in the things you already love and know—from comic books to video games, anime, movies, toys and beyond. Like me, Ceaser’s art is fueled by pop culture and it’s a theme that deeply resonates with legions of other dedicated fans.

With the aid of his friends, Ceaser brings characters like Marvel’s iconic Wolverine and the Legend of Zelda’s sword wielding hero, Link, to life with his well crafted portraits and videos. He also strongly stresses the vital importance of surrounding yourself with other creative minds because that group dynamic provides a positive, nurturing environment in which each person can grow and achieve greater heights.

Ceaser’s advice boils down to this: never be afraid to be true to yourself and the things you love. Get out there and create!