Customize Your Nikon DSLR with 7 Tips & Tricks from Nature Photographer Steve Perry (VIDEO)

Steve Perry is a nature photographer who says, “As much as I enjoy capturing exciting images, I also love telling the story behind them.” In the video below he offers seven great tips & tricks for customizing mid-range and professional Nikon DSLRs.

The purpose of Perry’s quick tutorial is to help you customize your camera in a way that eliminates the need to dig through pages of menus to activate settings you use most frequently. As a result, you’ll work much faster and avoid missing a critical shot.

Among the tips Perry provides is a method for using the camera’s multi-selector center button to immediately zoom in on a captured image to check for critical focus. He also provides a trick that temporarily disables your flash at the push of a button without having to turn it off and back on.

The other five tips are just as cool, so watch the video below and start shooting like a pro. You can find more helpful videos on Perry’s YouTube channel, and be sure to read our recent review of the new Nikon D7500 DSLR.

Via PetaPixel