Create Amazing Landscape Photographs with 7 Great Shooting & Editing Tips from Serge Ramelli (VIDEO)

Serge Ramelli is not only a superb landscape photographer, he’s an expert at teaching his shooting and image-processing techniques to others. In this video Ramelli starts with the intentionally poor image below, explains the camera settings he should have used, and then dramatically rehabilitates the photo in Lightroom.

Ramelli’s seven tips include advice for “getting it right in the camera,” and he discusses the importance of an interesting foreground, shooting when the light is best, and proper exposure and focusing techniques.

When he's finished explaining how to capture the best photograph possible, Ramelli then reveals his secrets for further enhancing the image in Lightroom. After diffusing the sky, tweaking white balance, and adding a bit of other “secret sauce” he arrives at a spectacular image. And with a bit of practice you can do the same.

You can find more helpful tips and tricks on Ramelli’s YouTube channel. And be sure to watch an earlier tutorial we posted with his tips for creating dramatic black-and-white images.

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To me, when you start adding stuff to images that weren't there when you took the picture, you are creating something other than a photograph. The best way to take a great landscape "PHOTOGRAPH" is to do it right in the camera as you are taking it. Don't get me wrong, it is a great art form, it just isn't a photograph any longer. Its been altered. This is something that has drove me crazy through out my career. I do everything I can to get it right in the camera so that I can say this is what it looked like when I was standing here.