Laugh of the Day: Confessions of an Instagram Husband (VIDEO)

The creative minds at the Mystery Hour present the humorous (and all too true, because we all know someone like this) video below about the perils and pain of having an Instagram obsessed spouse. Trapped in the unforgiving role of “human selfie stick” these poor men are forced to create endless photos to post and share.

Some "Instagram Husbands," as the video points out, even going so far as to delete all of their smartphone apps in order to have enough room for the hundreds of images stored on the Camera Roll. But the suffering doesn’t end there, husbands also must assume the role of “biggest Instagram fan” and avoid eating any meals before they have been properly photographed and posted.

This hilarious video is great fun and even links to a “helpful support group page” called Instagram Husband. If you need a laugh today then be sure to check this out. 

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