Check Out This Adorable Footage of Bonobo Chimps Playing with Wildlife Photographer Frans Lanting

World reknowned wildlife photographer Frans Lanting is used to going out into nature to find amazing shots of animals but in the adorable footage below the animals found him. In the brief clip that Lanting posted on his Facebook page, you can see two cute Bonobo chimps having a blast crawling all over and playing with the famous photographer.

Chris Eckstrom captured this wonderful video of me with young bonobos at the Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary in the Congo,” Lanting wrote in his Facebook post.

“When you enter the nursery, you become instant playmates for the five young bonobos there. The two juveniles, Bikoro and Laliya, rush up, leap into your arms, bounce on your head, spring off your shoulders, and discover everything you forgot you had in your pockets, like my glasses. They are strong and mischievous but full of love. It's hard to believe that these little rascals arrived at Lola as traumatized orphans who lost their mothers due to the insidious effects of the bushmeat and pet trade. Loving care from a team of surrogate human mothers gives them a new lease on life. Lola is the only place in the Congo—and the world— that is dedicated 100% to bonobos and their care. Check them out and give them your support. We are now headed deep into the heart of the Congo for a challenging bonobo expedition. We’ll be joined on this mission by Ashley Judd who is as keen as Chris Eckstrom and I are to elevate the profile of bonobos. Stay tuned, we will be posting more about our expedition soon!”

As you can see in the video, Lanting has a massive Nikkor telephoto zoom lens on his Nikon DSLR. Maybe, in this case, a wide-angle would have been more useful?

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