Can Printing Your Images Make You a Better Shooter? Here’s Why One Pro Says “YES” (VIDEO)

Peter McKinnon is a successful pro who says, “I want my photos to mean something, to transcend just ‘another shot’ and become undeniable moments of clear storytelling and emotion.”

In the video below McKinnon explains why printing his work makes him a better photographer and why it can do the same for you. McKinnon is convinced you’ll understand your photography much better by printing your work because "you’ll observe things you would have missed without a print in your hand to examine.”

McKinnon also says photographers who don’t print their images miss out on what he calls the “second half of photography” that he feels is just as fun and satisfying as capturing the image.

You can find more tips from McKinnon on his YouTube channel. And if you missed our review of Canon’s imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 24-inch photo printer, be sure and take a look.