Another Photographer Puts a GoPro on a DSLR to Show What It’s Like to Capture a Dance Concert (VIDEO)

If this is a photography trend, it’s one we like. Last month we told you about a photographer who attached a GoPro camera to his DSLR to show what it’s like to shoot a football game. Now another photographer, inspired by that cool clip, has attached a GoPro to his DSLR to give you a POV perspective on what it’s like to capture a dance music concert.

In the video, shot by YouTuber Alex, you get to see the photographer’s perspective on what it’s like to shoot a “Diwali-Eid” show. To capture the event, Alex attached the GoPro to his DSLR using a $10 adapter he purchased on Amazon.

Check out first-hand clip below, which includes the finished still photos and the settings Alex used to shoot them.

(Via Reddit)