6 Photographers Go to a Cemetery to Capture “Eternal Life” But Without Using Their Cameras (VIDEO)

We’ve really been enjoying The Lab’s ongoing video series about photography and the group’s latest clip (embedded below) could be its most creative one yet. In the 2:30-minute spot titled “MINDFRAME – Think First. Shoot Later.”, six photographers are invited to a cemetery and are asked to capture “eternal life” in a single photo.

The twist is that they’re not allowed to use their cameras. (At least during the first go around.)

The video, which features photographers Nancy Liao, Adriana Glackin, Bill Roberts, Murray Bell, Mike Falconer and Jeremy Shaw, is all about the intense creative process a photographer goes through before he or she captures an image. (No it’s not just about pointing your camera at something and shooting, as some non-photogs might think.)

Check out the video below and tell us what you think in the comments. How much time do you usually spend on a project before you take your first photo? Have you ever intentionally not brought your camera while scouting a subject?

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(Via Canon Australia)