6 Photographers Capture Images of Objects with 1 Rule: They Can’t Shoot Same Photo Twice (VIDEO)

Remember that recent video that everyone went crazy for where six photographers shot portraits of the same person but with wildly different results because of a twist? The folks behind that viral sensation are back with a fascinating new photography experiment with its own challenge.

In the clip (embedded below), which was created by The Lab in conjunction with Canon Australia, six photographers are asked to capture still-life images of everyday objects but with one simple rule: nobody can shoot the same photo twice!

Predictably, the resulting images are almost as drastically different and interesting as the various portraits created in the previous video. Called “The Lab: Evolution – Growing creativity one photo at a time,” the two-minute clip features photographers Deb Mooney, Michael Anderson, Kate Kabrovski, Jen Gwynne, Cassandra Kevin and Mark Mancq.

Watch the video and tell us in the comments how you would’ve handled this challenge.

(Thanks Silja!)

mcranston's picture

What a nice way to bring some fun in and spend some time laughing with other photographers. We're never to good to get inspiration from the simple things.