6 Photographers Are Challenged to Create an Interesting Image in an Empty Studio (VIDEO)

If you were asked to do a photo shoot in an empty studio could you harness your skills and creativity to come up with an interesting image? That’s exactly the task at hand in this latest video from The Lab, titled “Blank – Creating something from nothing.”

In the short clip below, The Lab invites six photographers to a studio shoot. What the photographers don’t know is that the studio is empty. And they’re not allowed to use props or snap selfies.

Tough challenge, right?

After a few false starts, the photographers try several different approaches to create an interesting shot. At one point, clothes start flying and things are stripped to their bare essentials.

Yeah, we think you know where this is going.

Our question to Shutterbug readers is: what do you think of their resulting photos and what would you have done differently? Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments.

The video is one of several photo “experiments” done by the Lab in conjunction with Canon Australia.

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