3 Tips for Shooting Reflection-Free Photographs Through Windows (VIDEO)

How many times have you tried to photograph a gorgeous cityscape from inside a hotel room, only to be stymied by unsightly reflections on the windows? That common and frustrating problem will be a thing of the past after watching the two-minute video below.

Serge Ramelli is an accomplished French photographer, known for his stunning landscape images. In this tutorial from inside a Las Vegas hotel room he demonstrates how to make reflection-free photos of the Vegas strip at night.

Two of Ramelli’s tips may already be familiar to you: Turn off the lights and position your camera as close as possible to the window. But how about his suggestion to use a “lens skirt”?  Watch the video to see how it’s all done so you can create some magic of your own.

There are more helpful videos on Ramelli’s You Tube channel. And if you missed his recent landscape tutorial we shared, be sure to take a look.