This 3-Minute Video of a Photographer Alone in the Woods Will Seriously Creep You Out

What should you do when you’re alone in the woods and photograph something creepy that totally freaks you out? Like the guy in the video below, you hang onto your camera and make a mad dash for the car.

This three-minute thriller comes from the Nailed It Network, a great source for creative short films and tutorials. In this hair-rasing clip, a photographer is enjoying the solitude of the forest until he captures a shot of something frightening that he can neither explain nor understand.

This video is a great example of visual storytelling, and with a bit of dialogue and a few more characters we could see it being made into a short feature film. You can find a variety of creative works on the Nailed It Network YouTube channel. And once you calm down, check out our earlier article with 10 tips on how to become a better visual storyteller yourself.